Arthur Ellis Award

A group of Canadian literary awards presented annually by the Crime Writers of Canada for the best Canadian crime and mystery writing.

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Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
The Finder
A Novel
Book - 2020 Simon & Schuster Canada F FER
Greenwood Book - 2019 McClelland & Stewart F CHR
Though The Heavens Fall Book - 2018 ECW Press F EME
Sleeping In The Ground Book - 2017 McClelland & Stewart F ROB
The Fortunate Brother Book - 2016 Viking F MOR
Open Season Book - 2015 Linda Leith Publishing F KIR
Plague Book - 2014 Doubleday Canada F HUM
The Devil's Making
A Mystery
Book - 2015 Minotaur Books F HAL
Until The Night Book - 2012 Random House Canada F BLU
Before The Poison Book - 2011 McClelland & Stewart F ROB
Bury Your Dead (Book Club Kit) Book Club Kit - 2010 Sphere F PEN
High Chicago Book
Too Close To Home
A Thriller
Book - 2009 Bantam Books F BAR
Trumpets Sound No More Book - 2007 RendezVous Crime F RED
Honour Among Men Book - 2006 RendezVous Press F
April Fool Book - 2017 ECW Press F DEV
Fifth Son Book - 2004 RendezVous Crime F
The Delicate Storm Book - 2003 Random House Canada F
Blood of Others Book
In the Midnight Hour Book
Cold Is The Grave Book - 2017 McClelland & Stewart F ROB
The Feast Of Stephen Book - 1999 Bridge Works Publishing Company F AUB
Old Wounds Book
Trial Of Passion Book - 2002 ECW Press F DEV
Innocent Graves Book - 2017 McClelland & Stewart F ROB
Mother Love Book
A Colder Kind Of Death Book - 2011 McClelland & Stewart F BOW
Gypsy Sins Book
Lizardskin Book
Past Reason Hated Book - 2016 McClelland & Stewart F ROB
A Chill Rain in January Book
Hot Shots Book
Jack Book
Swann Book F SHI
Buried on Sunday Book
Death in the Old Country Book
Murder Sees The Light Book - 2008 Penguin Canada F ENG
The Night the Gods Smiled Book
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