Right Behind You

Right Behind You

A Novel

Book - 2017
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Jan 13, 2021

Wasn't sure I would like this book. I was wrong. Thought it was edge-of-your-seat exciting. The plot moved back and forth amongst the characters which gave it a deeper insight. I'd definitely recommend this one.

Jan 06, 2021

As usual, an excellent read from Lisa Gardner. Her early thrillers are a bit rocky, but all of the recent ones have been fantastic.

This one had a bit of a different feel than I remember from some of her other books. More character focused? Possibly because the main characters are teenagers rather than adults. The secondary theme of the cyclic nature of domestic abuse was handled very well; it's subtle but it's there and it's important.

Nevertheless, there's a mystery to solve. Twists and turns. Visiting with previously established characters. Everything I expect from this author.

Feb 24, 2019

A must read for all. Lisa Gardener is a wonderful writer. I really enjoy her stories that keep you wanting to stay up all night to read.

Feb 12, 2019

Pretty good mystery. I didn't realize it was a series, but I didn't feel like I missed too much.

Sep 07, 2018

This was one fabulous novel that I could not put down.
A mystery story of hate, passion and crime with a great twist at the end.
I would definitely recommend reading any of Lisa Gardner's books if want some suspense in your life.

Jul 05, 2018

Excellent novel! Loved the characters....I thought I had the murderer picked out, was i dead wrong!! 5 stars easily

Jun 24, 2018

Very well written story of what it means to be family--especially enjoyable to those of us who have had to create our own family when the birth family wasn't so great. Nothing else I can tell you that isn't a spoiler. If you only read one book by this author it should be this one. If you have read other Quincy novels, this one will pleasantly surprise you. I was especially happy with the return of Shelly Atkins (who didn't just recover from her burns, she thrived). About a seven hour read.

Apr 13, 2018

Quincy and Rainie have become foster parents to a troubled young girl Sharlah....a case
where a double murder at a gas station leads police to believe there is a spree killer...it was
slow, boring and oh so repetitive

Aug 10, 2017

First Lisa Gardner book I have read. I am hooked....great read looking for her next book to read.

Jul 22, 2017

I quite enjoyed this book - as I love all of hers. However, the last few pages when the story was wrapping up was a bit awkward with the bad guy opening up all the details to a teenager. A bit far fetched but nonetheless I enjoyed this book.

Jun 11, 2017

Maybe it's because I haven't read any other books by this author, with these characters, but I couldn't get into it. I gave up about 100 pages in.

May 03, 2017

Has you wanting to read it in a night. Good read.

May 02, 2017

Thriller about an foster child and her crime-enforcement foster family and their attempts to solve a crime that may involve the brother of the foster child. Could the two children's harrowing experience involving their biological parents relate to the present day rampage and murders of the boy's current foster family be related. Secrets of their past are revealed. A little bit too unbelievable having the girl essentially be involved in helping to solve the crime. I could of done without that and the entire explanation of the whole story in the last two pages. A little below par.

May 01, 2017

It's been several years since the last Quincy and Rainie book. It was nice to get in touch with them again. Love children protagonists, so really enjoyed the addition of their foster daughter, Sharla, and this story centering on her and her estranged brother. I hope they continue to be in future books. Liked Sheriff Shelly and tracker Cal working with Quincy and Rainie. Also liked ex-police dog Luka as a bonding companion and protector for Sharla. This was well written. Lots of questions, truths and lies doled out at a good pace made this interesting and easy to read in a couple of days.

Apr 30, 2017

So glad Quincy & Rainie are back. Their story as a couple continues and they use their skills/life experience to pay it forward in this intricate thriller. Love the twists and turns. Also the inside look into the lives of foster children and the emotional baggage they carry at such a young age.

Gardner's novels have always been hard to put down, but this one was especially so without being overly dark. If you have not yet read a Lisa Gardner book, pick this one up and you will find yourself reading more about Quincy & Rainie as well as her other series.

Apr 02, 2017

It was an okay read, good story, but not well fleshed out and explored. I have read all Lisa Gardner's books, and this one did not impress me. My taste in books may have changed, due to reading so many excellent mysteries since her last book. I felt like I'd received the low-calorie cold plate when I wanted the big, juicy home-style burger and large cut fries!

debwalker Feb 25, 2017

Riveting read. Damaged foster children intersect with grownup darkness in a brutal heatwave. Keeps you guessing. Had me fooled!

ehbooklover Feb 19, 2017

After loving Find Her, I decided to try another Lisa Gardner book. She did not disappoint! Essentially, this a thriller but it also touches on some pretty important issues: nature VS nurture and the meaning of family. I loved the characters, the fast-paced plot, and all of the twists that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Feb 13, 2017

I would have rated this book great, but I had a hard time getting interested in it after the first few chapters. But when I got half way through the book, I couldn't put it down. Telly had a hard life as a child. He took care of his sister, Sharlah, from when she was a baby. He kept her safe from his abusive parents. When Telly is wanted in the murder of his foster parents, no one wants anything more than to bring him in. When he finds out that his sister's life is in danger, he does whatever he has to do to keep her safe. This book made me so sad at times because my heart went out to him. I kept thinking to myself, "how can a young boy survive all that he has". In my opinion, this is a must read book.

Feb 12, 2017

Really good thriller - so many interesting plot twists held together by two children only trying to have a good life after the horrendous death of their parents. LIke all of Gardner's books there is not a disappointment in the path of this story.

Jan 08, 2017

As soon as I saw Lisa Gardner's name I automatically put it on hold without reading the summary. Kudos to the 10 people ahead of me on hold. Please turn this book in on time !! Im like the middle child in a family of four. I wanted it first!!

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