Shake Hands With The Devil
Shake Hands With The Devil The Failure Of Humanity In Rwanda By Dallaire, Roméo A. Book - 2003

A haunting, powerfully written book by the commander of the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda during the genocide. It's difficult to read, because you'll come away from the book angry and disgusted frequently. The disregard of most of the world to what was going on in Africa at the time, the horrors of the genocide, the brutality of what happened... all of these things will horrify you. Dallaire paid a steep price, placed into an impossible position and unable to act. He went to Rwanda a proud soldier and came back a broken man, shattered by what he had witnessed. The book serves as a damning indictment of much of the world for its thoughtlessness, and as a reminder of just how cruel human beings can be.

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