I'm rather torn on this one, to be honest. I read one of this author's other books recently and quite enjoyed it, so I went into this with high hopes. It's the story of a Wall Street analyst, Kate, who finds herself swept up in a whirlwind romance with a billionaire investor named Julian. Turns out there's a whole time travel element, but I don't want to say too much about that. I had a few problems with it:
a) Using time travel and the whole circular nature of it and the chicken-or-egg question to justify characters falling instantly in love.
b) I don't enjoy books with power imbalances between characters, and it particularly bothers me in contemporary books, as opposed to historical ones. So the whole billionaire sweeps a girl off her feet thing does nothing for me.
c) Kate wasn't a strong enough character to justify the lengths Julian went through to find her and be with her.
d) The time travel explanation in this was....sketchy at best. Not logical enough.
Having said all that, there was a lot to like about this -- it was a fast and entertaining read, fun enough for a day at the beach; however, for those new to Beatriz Williams, I'd recommend 'A Hundred Summers' instead.

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