There is no basis in fact by the commentator below for the assertion that Diane Rehm is an "extreme rightwinger". I've listened to her show on NPR through satellite radio for many years. Rehm is a dispassionate and objective interview host and rarely if ever infects the discussion with her opinions. She's been questioned about using her show as a way to espouse her views on assisted suicide. In the fall, she enunciated quite clearly on one of her shows that she would remain dispassionate in any debates on her show about the topic.

Also, I fail to understand how assisted suicide is part of any extreme, right-wing agenda. Extreme right wing agendas espouse racism and other hurtful ideas that hurt society. Rehm is no such person.

It's a shame that you've used Rehm's book to promulgate your hatred of media. Her book is about assisted suicide and using this platform to promulgate your views about media have no place here. We didn't learn anything about your views of Rehm's book. Rather, we received a rant from you.

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