The Dark Days Pact
The Dark Days Pact A Lady Helen Novel By Goodman, Alison Book - 2017

This sequel to Alison Goodman’s The Dark Days Club is a thrilling read featuring Lady Helen Wrexhall. With her parents dead and no family to stay with, her friend and mentor Lord Carlston whisks her away to Brighton. She trains under him in hopes to harness her full Reclaimer powers. But Carlstons’s long term work as a Reclaimer has taken its toll on his mind. With his sanity slowly slipping away, Helen must seek out some of the most unpredictable and bloodthirsty Decievers to bring Carlston’s sanity back before it’s too late. In her search she is shunned by most of the male Reclaimers. There has never been a female Reclaimer in their midst before. Can Helen prove herself worthy to be a Reclaimer while at the same time restore Lord Carlston’s sanity?

In this book, I liked how everything was clearly laid out. You could picture the characters and it was difficult to predict what would happen next. The author was also accurate with the setting. This book was set in 1812 and accurately portrayed the elegant clothing and behaviour of the people of that era.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to teen readers who are looking for a book of suspense, adventure and mystery.
Reviewed by Emma

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