Another intriguing novel from Lisa Gardner revisiting a whole host of characters from previous novels. To get full value from this one, I think you really have to have read "Find Her", the book in which Flora Dane is introduced. She gets about as much attention as the lead character in the new mystery does, so familiarity with her background will help. (There's enough information to get new readers by - but having read the full story would be better. Warning: it's very creepy.)

The primary story is well done, and I found Evie (the wife/murder suspect) easy to relate to - at least, in terms of personality if not so much in terms of upbringing. The mystery surrounding her husband had Gardner's usual twists and turns.

It's pretty clear that we're being set up for another novel that will expand upon the Jacob Ness story, exploring his time pre-Flora. I'm curious what "mystery of the day" will be paired with that one.

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