Don't know why I can't recall this happening in '89-90, but it's all new to me!

Very compelling feature documentary.
Nothing too "artful" about the production itself--typical talking heads and vintage footage, but it doesn't matter. WOW what a story. Very moving.

There to tell it are most of the crew of this around-the-world racing sailboat. And with one exception, they all stuck with it--and made it happen. What are the odds of finding that many "just-right" crew members on the first pass? Incredible.

Sub-theme: the media and how the crew--especially skipper/navigator Tracy Edwards--handled it. Media first: just pathetic nonsense that media's STILL serving up, hokey-joke-y headline stuff; cliches even then, in the late 1980s.

Considering the stress, doubt, fear that Edwards felt she was totally professional. Stunning performance--just look at that vintage footage. And compare how she looked and what she said during those interviews with her comments today. Sensational PR work at the time.

You'll remember this one.

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