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Feb 06 2019
"I bought a copy of The Fountainhead at a used bookstore. At the time I had never even heard of Ayn Rand. After reading The Fountainhead I began searching for information about her and was surprised to find how prolific she was. Most people either ..." Permalink
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Fold Crumple Crush

DVD - 2011
A powerful portrait of Africa's most widely acclaimed contemporary artist. An insider's view of the artist's practice, the ingenious steps and thousands of hours of labor that convert used bottle tops into huge, opulent wall hangings. Behind the...
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"Khalid is amazing. Soulful and catchy, he is very talented." Permalink
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"I started listening to this album when "Scars" was really big on the radio, but I love "Here", and I didn't hear that very often. She is very talented!!" Permalink
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