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ryner added a title to their Completed shelf Nov 01 2019
"The career of Pericles, the leading Athenian politician and general from c. 450 to 429 B.C., is a prism through which to view the ""Golden Age"" of Greece, a brief but remarkable era when Athens experienced a cultural flowering of extraordinary...
ryner made a comment Oct 21 2019
"Replica is a parallel story of two teenage girls: Gemma is something of a misfit who decides over spring break to investigate her father's involvement in Haven, a business located on an island off the Florida coast. Lyra has grown up on Haven with..." Permalink
ryner moved a title to their Completed shelf Oct 21 2019
"A scandalously honest guide to the secrets of Victorian womanhood. "If Unmentionable does not secure the Pulitzer Prize for Most Fascinating Book Ever, the whole gig is rigged. Therese Oneill opens the doors to everything we secretly...
ryner made a comment Oct 08 2019
"I wasn't expecting this, but I had to abandon this book about a third of the way through. It is dull. Really dull, which is surprising given the exciting subject matter of brain science. The text feels kind of scattered, making it challenging to f..." Permalink
ryner made a comment Oct 04 2019
"Every twelve years the citizens of Canaan simultaneously lose their memories, resulting in a temporary and often violent chaos until their journals are retrieved from the city's archives. The next Forgetting is imminent, and Nadia has a big secret..." Permalink
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