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Feb 11, 2018Lucik32 rated this title 1.5 out of 5 stars
Watched as Sandra Bullock's fan and because a friend's recommendation after a wait of three months for it in a line. Surprised this old movie is still that popular. Enjoyed the acting and especially the character of Leigh (played by Sandra Bullock). The movie itself was OK. It was a relaxing, uplifting, positive fairy tale story. Suitable for bed time or if you just need to switch off your brain. Why I was not thrilled by the movie? Because it was too sweet, an exaggerated, unbelievable Hollywood blockbuster. Please keep in mind that a "movie based on a real story" is often times based on a fraction of reality. In the end I was not surprised that the real Michael Oher did not like this movie. I was shocked how this movie portrayed Michael Oher, as a rather stupid man, living in poverty and on the streets. Michael Oher (as a movie character) suffered from childhood trauma and PTSD for ten years (since he was 7 years). No one even considered that his untreated childhood trauma resulting in an untreated PTSD may be the reason for his delay, behavior and bad grades. They blamed it on his IQ (when btw the IQ testing lacks validity and is absolutely not correct and should not be used for testing intelligence). I kinda see where the comments bellow were going.....Scary to think if several concussions add to Michael's PTSD. I am against American football, since it is highly detrimental to health of the players (concussion). Wish Michael had a choice to chose different sport field. But it looked like he was just a puppet doing what others told him was best for him. Had no idea that one can build a career on jumping half naked in front of crowds (cheer leading) and made living out of it. And they even call it a sport! Ha. Easy money lies in the football industry indeed.