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Mar 30, 2021jgonza13 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Dreary and disturbing movie that will get under your skin if you let it. The whole atmosphere is one of dread to the point where I was feeling uneasy as a viewer. Akin to A24 vehicles such as "Hereditary" and "The Witch" (two of my more recent favorite horror films). If you are expecting the run-of-the-mill Hollywood dreck with events unfolding in a formulaic manner then skip this one - you will not like it. However if you can appreciate a slow burn and accept that not every plot point has a clear answer then you will find much to enjoy here. Note the ending seems to divide both proponents and detractors, but I found it to be quite satisfactory. To say any more is to spoil the film, so give this one a chance and watch with an open mind.