Jul 29, 2021gloryb rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
The author is a philosophy prof at Yale University where he teaches a course that includes propaganda. The content of this book is for academics with a background knowledge of philosophy, particularly those historical authors writing about democracies, equality, and liberalism to whom he references too frequently. Perhaps i should have skipped the first chapter. My interest was waning by the time I came to the second chapter but hoped I could warm to his writing style. The title of this book interested me, but the content was difficult to understand despite the fact the author gave many examples to illustrate his points. I didn't finish this book, as how propaganda works was not evident to me. It might be helpful to have a dictionary close by as one reads. Author includes End Notes, index, and extensive Bibliography. I much preferred his book on fascism which is quite a contrast to the academic writing style evident in this book.