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Jun 25, 2017SPL_Shauna rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Honestly, I can't think of anyone reading YA or adult lit that this book isn't perfect for. Are you a young person questioning your identity? An adult who had a rough go of it in high school? Or just someone lucky enough to fit into gender categories fairly neatly, but who's interested in understanding others' lives better? Bingo. This book is for you. Written in short, autobiographical vignettes themed around growing into a trans identity, Coyote approaches tough issues through a compassionate, funny and sometimes sexy lens. The prose is compulsively readable. Even when justifiably angry, Coyote's voice is thoroughly humane and wonderfully warm. Highly recommended to anyone. Honestly. The hold button's right over there - if you're at all curious, just click it. You're welcome. UPDATE! There's now a full review of this under "Summary"