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This film possibly opens with a nightmare sequence, a dance with a man, that then appears with feathers and a black plastic face BUT not that of a swan. The nightmare becomes apparent, when Nina (the Ballerina) wakes. It becomes less clear what is real, or psychosis generated - for instance the pealing of skin from her finger, later seen intact. The Ballet Director complains she is ridged, technique perfect but no real seduction. His emphatic urging sees him get bitten, 40min in! Our concerns for the safety and sanctity of Nina is very much heightened by the Director's announcement of the retirement of one of the older stars, whose shock and dismay suggest this hadn't been discussed with her! How ruthless! The Star then has (accident?). He asks Nina's dance partner if he would fuck her. Then urges Nina to go home and "Touch yourself". This she tries but is abruptly halted when she sees mum, sleeping in a chair in her room! __MUMS PLEASE TAKE NOTE - AND MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS!!__ Nina's life consists of being at home (with her control freak mum) OR the ballet company rehearsal and changing rooms - with the tube train in between. She doesn't mix with the other ballerinas. Nina also has concerns with a rash on the back of her shoulder, that may be sprouting black swam feathers. Her mum notes her long hours and expresses concern. "Don't make my mistake". Then revealing she gave up ballet to have Nina... . __EVERYONE'S__ love interest, that wee hottie Mila Kunis, arrives as Lilly, the natural and uninhibited dancer. .. Director points Lilly out to Nina, heightening the prospects for disaster. There is a hint that it may be some of the connivances going on around Nina that acerbate her condition. Lilly takes her out for a night of fun, seduces her. Nina arrives back at rehearsal some (days?) late and we see Lilly has the role! We see Nina stabbing Lilly. AT this point, I crack my head mightily upon the TV screen, attempting to save Mila. The concussion sees me typing GIBBERISH. YOU may then see Nina, struggling to hide the body. Which she only manages just in time, to avoid discovery!! The last scenes see Nina in lead roll, again with the overly effective swan mask... ! Now on her! Also the feathers from the rash have SPREAD all over her body!! Lilly made it back from being murdered, to dance supporting role... ! Perhaps thanks to my attempted intervention.. . My head still hurts mightily! :-( !